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We are happy to accept and consider comments and suggestions from our patients. Please present your views in writing at reception or use our suggestions box.

Complaints Procedure


Manor Road Surgery, its GP’s and staff, always tries to provide the best possible service, however there may be times when a patient or a patient’s representative feels this has not happened.  The following information explains our complaints procedure.  This procedure is not able to deal with questions of legal liability or compensation.  If this procedure is used it will not affect the patient’s or the patient’s representative’s right to complain to NHS England or any other appropriate body.

First level resolution

The NHS Complaints procedure includes complaints made by a person about any matter connected with the provision of NHS Services by this practice.  Local resolution at practice level aims to resolve complaints quickly as close to the source of the complaint as possible.

  1. Any patient or person affected or likely to be affected by the actions or decisions of the practice can make a complaint.  A complaint can also be made by someone acting on behalf of the patient or person but only with his or her written consent.  (In circumstances where the patient is unable to complain due to a medical condition, a doctor will determine the extent to which it is appropriate for written consent to be absent.)
  2. A complaint can be made directly to the Practice Manager or to NHS England.
Contact details for the Practice Manager:

Ms Julie Tullett

Practice Manager

14 manor Road





If you are unable to put your complaint in writing, please contact Julie Tullett on 020 8650 0957

Contact details for NHS England:

NHS England

Customer Contact Centre

PO BOX 16738


B97 9PT

Phone: 0300 311 22 33



3. The practice manager will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 2 working days.

4. The practice manager will investigate the complaint, which will include discussion with all persons involved.  A written report on the investigation will be sent to the complainant or the complainant’s representative within 2 weeks.  In addition the complainant will be given the opportunity to discuss the report findings at a meeting.

5. Issues raised by patients will be routinely discussed at Practice Meetings where possible

6. Complaint records will be kept in a separate file and not in the patient’s notes.

7. An Annual Review of patient complaints will be done to identify learning points and introduce any changes, if appropriate.  Discussion will take place at all appropriate staff levels in the practice.

Resolution at other levels

Ombudsman.  If the patient or the patient’s representative is unhappy with the response from NHS England or the practice, a request can be made to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman for an “Independent Review” of the case. The ombudsman can be contacted at: –

Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman
Millbank Tower

Telephone: 0345 015 4033